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Millimeter Wireless Network for Avionics Systems - Revolution in Aircraft Design

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FMCW Mono-pulse System Basic

Collision Warning / Intelligent Cruise Control Suvsystems

Epsilon Lambda has developed and manufactured millimeter radar antenna-transceiver subsystems during the past ten years for application to forward looking collision warning/intelligent cruise control. Low cost, integrated designs at 24, 60, and 77 GHz have been developed and produced at quantities of hundreds to thousands.

Epsilon Lambda is a leader in developing and manufacturing integrated subsystems for CW/ICC radar. The first to manufacture such products, the entire fleet of Greyhound buses was equipped with 24 GHz antenna/transceiver subsystems developed and manufactured by Epsilon Lambda. Recent developments include low cost, miniaturized antenna/transceivers for the 60 and 77 GHz bands. Technology innovation will continue in this product, both in design and manufacturing. Epsilon Lambda continues to be a technology innovator and will pioneer the production effort which meets the demand for very low cost subsystem assemblies.

Short Range Wide Band Communications

FCC allocates 59-64 GHz Band for Unlicensed Use under Part 15

Wideband Wireless Local Area Networks and Point-to-Point Links for telecommunications infrastructure using unlicensed millimeter wave modems will be possible in the new V-Band spectrum.

The challenge for companies planning to offer wideband wireless WLAN products or point-to-point links is low cost. Low cost requires innovation in millimeter wave integrated subsystems. Epsilon Lambda has been the leading millimeter wave innovator for 27 years. Custom integrated antenna/transceiver assemblies are the company specialty. Epsilon Lambda is the best choice to develop and manufacture low cost assemblies for the emerging WLAN or point-to-point markets.

Contact us regarding custom products development.

Millimeter Wave Manufacturing Capabilities

Epsilon Lambda Electronics has been manufacturing quality industrial electronic products and Millimeter Wave Radar Subsystems/Components for over 25 years. Come talk to us about our ability to design and manufacture RF products to your specification.

Epsilon Lambda's Quality System

Epsilon Lambda Electronics has always had a strong commitment to quality. This commitment, under ISO9001 guidelines, is visible in our design and manufacturing activity. Contact our Quality Assurance Manager for more detailed information.